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Accounting Information Systems

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The Bachelor of Science in Accounting Information Systems program is a four-year course that provides students with skills and knowledge in business, accounting, and computer systems. Through our program, we help students develop 1) the ability to assess existing problems in, or the lack of, a business’ information systems; and 2) the expertise to recommend and build a software necessary to address these needs. Our program uses a competency framework for professional accountants from the International Federation of Accountants, so that graduates are prepared to take certifications given by the Philippine Professional Regulatory Commission and other international certifying bodies.

Future Careers

A degree in Accounting Information Systems opens graduates up to career opportunities in the fields of accounting and IT. Graduates may become accounting or data analysts, data privacy managers and even professional ethical hackers. They may also later on take leadership positions such as Vice President, Controller, Chief Information Officer or Chief Finance Officer in private companies.

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