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Radiothic Technology

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The Bachelor of Science major in Radiologic Therapy program hone students in the field of medical imaging. Through this program, they learn emerging concepts, and are trained to operate various medical imaging equipment using modern computer and web-based software. The program also provides necessary clerical training necessary for medical imaging operations and patient care in hospitals, medical centers, and clinics. Our BS Radiologic Technology program is a Level 3 PACUCOA-Accredited course.

Future Careers

Graduates of our BS Radiologic Therapy program may become licensed radiologic technologists after passing the boards. As licensed professionals, they may specialize in operating medical imaging equipment, such as ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, mammography, and even interventional radiology and radiotherapy. Professionals may also educate the public on radiation safety and protection, or even enter the field of nuclear medicine. They may also pursue a corporate career as diagnostic medicine product specialists.

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